The Survival Principle

What is war?
Are wars inevitable?
How predictable are wars?
What is the nature of war?

Some historians regard warfare as an integral part of human civilization as it is part of human nature.

Dr. Uri Milstein begs to differ. Having lived, fought and studied war for the past 30 years, he has come up with a new theory diagnosing warfare as "the AIDS of history".

Israel has been a war laboratory for the better part of this century's second half. Dr. Milstein, having been an observer, student and combat paratrooper. makes observations and draws conclusions about the "laboratory-animals" who have waged and fought in Israel's wars, varying from sophisticated electronic warfare to stone-throwing contests. 30 years of study, with hundreds of articles and monographs and dozens of books on the subject, have brought him to formulate "The General Theory of Security - The Survival Principle". This volume is the first in a comprehensive work: A Critique of Military Intellect, in which Dr. Milstein attempts to explain the origins and nature of the military and warfare phenomena.

Conclusion 27. In hierarchical systems, it is difficult to arrive at the truth. In the military system it is next to impossible, even assuming military decisionmakers were interested in the truth, and they are not. Hence, armies do not learn their lessons and have never interpreted the handwriting on the wall, as shown in the following pages. Military leaders hardly understand the meaning of events occurring in wars, campaigns and battles. They are forever impaled on the "horns of the dilemma" and smothered in the "fog of battle" mainly due to the anti-intellectual character of military systems and their leadership.

After the Persian Gulf War (where a handful of air-crews, missile-launchers and commandos defeated in the battlefield the 1.5 million armed men of the Iraqi army); after the collapse of the Soviet military-ogre empire; after almost five years of the Israeli political and military apparatus being unable to cope with the Arab "Intifada" uprising in Israel - now is the time to introduce new paradigms and models in the domains of survival and security.

The Survival Principle
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